Our job is to put that smile back on your face,
with a service that includes both collection and delivery.
Lose those laundry blues and free up that to do list.
Make your home a Bügelmizzis home.
We are your all-in-one laundry and dry-cleaning service
for every type of fabric under the sun.
Suits • Jackets • Pants • Skirts • Blouses • Wedding Dresses • Skywear
Motor Cycle Clothing • Waistcoats • Tails • Traditional Attire (Dirndl/Lederhosen)
Costumes etc.
AND: Blankets/Duvets • Curtains • Rugs • Bedclothes • Table Linen
Special Offer:
We can also drop by your home to clean your couch!
Clean Laundry - Clean Conscience!

About us:

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